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RushStar Automotive: Developers, Manufacturers and Exporters

More than 30  years in ever developed Automotive business, Long Experience, sharp edge products, and brand new innovations to protect your vehicle.



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The newest Engine Flush from RushStar International, lowest pollutions to the environment, less friction and wear, faster engine, less fuel
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Our Mission

We are committed to providing our customers with practical, innovative products that meet or exceed their expectations.

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The RushStar Automotive Department is part of the International Technology Bank which started in 1986

RushStar Automotive has gained a reputation for the development of patented products with clearly demonstrable superiority.

All RushStar products are guaranteed to deliver unparalleled quality to customers-in Canada and all around the world

International Export Prices

RushStar was the first to introduce "The Engine Treatment Complete Package" urging customers to get rid of the engine sludge before treatment and also to treat the fuel system, it made sense and many manufacturers followed suit. 

in the same year RushStar Proved  for Canadian Tire that our Superior Engine Treatment can work with little oil or even without oil, what about antifreeze/coolant instead, did you imagine an Engine running on sand!, well, we did it, please view their recommendation letter on our credits page.

RushStar Proves Wal-Mart public Weekend presentation that we offer the only Compatible Flush in the market that never get the Oil formula off balance nor harm the engine balance.

RushStar was the first to introduce through Wal-Mart the first 2 Cycle Engine treatment which to be used instead of oil once a season

 RushStar Invented the Magnetic Strap for Oil Filters and again Proved Huge Success, a success that made us customize Magnetic Straps for many other applications by Customers demand.

As Seen on TV was the theme of this year to cover a wider sector, that's why we introduced the Concentrated Complete package for Easy Shipping, RushStar is the Only permitted Engine Treatment on Airplanes by IATA.

 RushStar Introduced the International Market Test Package for distributors around the globe that contains many shapes and colors of RushStar Products from 99c to $29.95 each plus TV commercials, Huge posters ,color catalogs and even T shirts, the package can also contain the famous demonstration Timken machine plus video.

RushStar entered the Bulk Suppliers Market,  though the new facility RushStar is able to supply in Bulk most heard-of treatments in unheard-of prices, when you see RushStar behind any treatment you buy, it's exactly like buying the original RushStar Products, you are in Good Hands.

RushStar Introduces the Manual Transmission Treatment on bulk for the first time Internationally, this treatment will allow manual transmission to run on low oil or even dry for s considerable time, for transmission that share oil with engine please Advice your customer to use RushStar the superior Engine Treatment for both.

RushStar offers for the first time in Business the Bulk Concentrated Automatic Transmission Treatment, this 10:1 concentrate saves 90% of the shipping cost, safe on shipping and beat the insurance!


 Bulk Concentrated Engine Treatment, this 10:1 concentrate saves 90% of the shipping cost, safe on shipping and beat the insurance!

Now, you can get your own technical licence from

RushStar International

to build your own factory of

Automotive Treatment Products

RushStar Licenses the Technology and the Factory

RushStar Concentrated oil!!, 500ml concentrated enough to revive your old oil for another hectic interval - Exceeds and Surpasses SL/CL-4 Specifications and up... see it before your eyes..


RushStar Concentrated Oil is available in bulk packaging ; 1 ton tot and up


Now, RushStar Concentrated Oil for Diesel Engines and Also Propane Engines

Save your Time and Money

RushStar Concentrated Oil is the best respond to the new economy crisis, 1/3 of the oil change cost, more benefits

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