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More than 30  years in ever developed Automotive business, Long Experience, sharp edge products, and brand new innovations to protect your vehicle.



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The newest Engine Flush from RushStar International, lowest pollutions to the environment, less friction and wear, faster engine, less fuel
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C. EngineTreatment

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Coats the fuel tank with slow release layer to prevent fuel freezing and maintain high octane level all the time. Better emission, better environment.

Cleans the engine from sludge and contaminants to restore the original performance with our unsurpassed capabilities to replace sludge with layer of DMRM to keep the engine tuned.

Covers your car engine's internal surface with our unsurpassed DMRM polymer to be consumed instead of your engine parts and to reduce the internal friction almost to nil.


The Complete Engine Treatment Package


Very Easy To Use:

step 1: add the fuel system treatment to your fuel tank(gas, gasoline, diesel, kaz, benzene) any time.

step 2: add the flush to your oil just before the oil change ( do not drive the car on flush)

step 3: add the RushStar intelligent engine treatment  after the oil change.

happy motoring.

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Only € 59.95 Euros


All RushStar's Automotive products are part of RushStar R.S.Proteks Program


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