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All RushStar Products are Manufactured according to current Good Manufacturing Processes (cGMP) and maintains a Drug Master File to ensure compliance with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements.

Breakthrough anti-ED that lasts for 7 Days!

NiagarA, 63 Ingredients

Niagara Super X short URL to remember sx.1sta.com

NiagarA Herbal Sex Enhancer for Male Impotence

Get 2 free capsules when you buy only 22 capsules

A whole Complete week of free fun!, only for married Men


New..... Flexible pack fits any pocket, any place, No Medic theme, Child Proof

Anti Tampering/imitation Security... Embossed through Pack Seal with RushStar Canada emblem

Now, NiagarA International responds to the financial crisis

Buy 22 Niagara Super X pouch and receive 2 capsules free

This means more than 1 week of free pleasure and fun, Enjoy

Capsule Capacity: 1.00 cm3

Just one of these Magic NiagarA® Capsules will Sexually vigour you for days!, Guaranteed.

NiagarA® X and Super X Series Deploys the New RushStar NiagarA® Technology for Hidden Patch

The Hidden Patch® invented by Dr. Hamed A. M. Rushwan, B.Sc.-B.A.T.S, Ph.D., to work from inside the human body with self proprietary slow release technology for 7 days, then flushed automatically through the digestive system, No Patch Embarrassment, No pills every day, No Skin Irritation

One Capsule works for 200 Hours continuously!

Only from RushStar.com NiagarA

NiagarA®  Super X is the Herbal Recommendation Therapy of men who have difficulty having and maintaining an erection, otherwise known as impotence. If the nerves or blood vessels associated with this process aren't working properly, a man may not be able to get an erection. NiagarA®  Super X increases blood flow to the penis, so that when a man is sexually aroused, he can get and keep an erection.

NiagarA®  Super X not only improves ones sexuality but also rejuvenates the whole system giving an intense feeling of well being. NiagarA®  Super X is beneficial to all age groups and is used by people from all walks of life, people who have never had sexual or erection problems use NiagarA®  Super X as it greatly enhances the sexual experience.

If you and your partner want to experience the best sex ever then choose NiagarA®! Super X

The Main Benefits of NiagarA® Capsules:

1. Erection speed is quicker than Viagra and the feeling of erection is stronger.

2. Self-sustaining time is longer than Viagra, and a pleasurable and excited state continues for a long time.

3. The pleasant sensations and feelings achieved are more abundant than with Viagra. Those who use Viagra will be aware of a feeling of fatigue often experienced after a sexual act. There is also the possibility of a feeling of weakness and depression. With NiagarA® an intense feeling throughout the whole body during sexual intercourse is produced. This is one of the greatest attributes of NiagarA® Capsules.

4. NiagarA® Capsules are a 100% natural herbal medicine, there are no side effects, and it is safe. A nutrition ingredient is also in the capsules, If the product is used for a long time, there is a reinforcement action of the constitution.

5. No prescription is necessary to purchase NiagarA® capsules.


NiagarA® Super X is an Ever Changing Herbal Formula, your body will never resist it and always will accept 100% of it's power years after years, and never get dull like any other formulas or brands!


This Quick buy link is for only 10 capsules pouch

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KEY: Vegetarian  Vegan  Halal 

Q&A about NiagarA

  1. Its onset of action and duration for one capsule as you said "It is stronger than Viagra and lasting than Cialis".

NiagarA Super X is based on the technology of Phytos / Phytochemicals which is the highest discriminative concentrated ingredients of herbs, R3 for example which is wild Ginseng -derived chemical compounds reached US 3000$ per gram this year and it is already one of the ginsenosides contents of NiagarA Super X of wild Ginseng, NiagarA started as a pioneering project in Ontario Canada and been expanded to PEI Canada to concentrate to potency of NiagarA wild Ginseng

NiagarA started almost in the same time of Viagra and before the others and through the past decades proved to be the longest and safest of them all, why?

NiagarA contains expensive Hi-Tech and effective ingredients and ready for testing any time

NiagarA effect Is continuous and will not hold you or your customers as a sex hostage just for few hours of erection which is really ridicules, with NiagarA when you need erection you get strong and extended erection will last with no pain or side effects even for a while after ejaculation

NiagarA Super X is stronger than Viagra because instead of diluting the blood with it’s known risk, NiagarA super X increase the corpora cavernosa capacity naturally beside strengthen the erection blood valves muscles, NiagarA Super X is longer lasting than Cialis because the Wild Ginseng Phytos which been discovered by NiagarA International Labs seems to be staying longer in the Bio system and not getting flushed away quickly like other products, NiagarA new discovered Phytos proved also to improve body system responsiveness over the time in contrary to other products too!

Because NiagarA Super X is Herbal it takes up to 24 Hours to show all the promised effects, and once it is ON it stays On for days and days up to 7 days or 200 continuous Hours, no alternative medicine is available around the world from any medical school….

  1. Is it for long term treatment OR it gives instant effect?

We do not support instant medical effect, because as we call it roller coaster bills cause not only system shock by un-prepared immediate changes but also a depression after losing the effect in just few hours

NiagarA Super X is a treatment, but not a long term as a sort of speaking, NiagarA Formula is unique as the treatment period length is 24 hours, then as long the user use the NiagarA formula the effect’s durability gets longer and the erection gets better

NiagarA is a complicated product by the Canadian RushStar Technology bank, it offers the real safe treatment of ED with fairly appropriate relief time for user to start feeling better

  1. You said that "it contains 63 powerful herb and natural ingredients".  Can you highlight that?

The NiagarA ingredients are already on the NiagarA website clearly explained, the rest of the 63 is the Wild Ginseng Phytos, in fact a big part of the unique NiagarA Success is owed to the complicated formulation of the 48 wild ginseng Phytos whish many of them only discovered by NiagarA

The NiagarA Ingredients are published on the following link:


  1. Its rebound in your local market?

  2. Is it exported to other countries?

  3. Your Annual Sales and how much it shares in your local market (Canada) Versus the all analogues (the total Sex Enhancers Segment)?

Before going into the Market Impact / rebound and other money values, you have to know that NiagarA Super X is one of many products of RushStar Technology Bank, and like all the bank products it is not only a final retail product, but also the bulk ingredients and even the know how, we sell technology R.S.Proteks, so calculating our share fairly means calculating our partners sales which is confeditional according to our mutual agreement

NiagarA Super X is supplied already in concentrated powder form which contains only the WGP - Wild Ginseng Phytos which is the most expensive sort of NiagarA, Also as a ready to fill capsules ingredients which is bulkier and less in price but no fillings just very beneficial ingredients as the dose extends from 250mg up to 1000mg,  

RushStar NiagarA Enjoys a good share in every market through our direct sales and also through the our international partners around the world, many of very famous brands contains NiagarA WGP to improve their market share

  1. As we are serious in our deal, sending samples will be appreciated.

Just send us your courier #

  1. Exporting price

Depends on what kind of NiagarA you’ll seek ; the capsules is from 7.95 Euros and down to 4.95 per the same capsule based on what kind of packaging up to 250 capsules per pack, bigger pack is lower price per capsule, when you go into distribution contract with NiagarA you get an extra discount for the agreement you need to provide annual target

When you ask to import the capsules filling powder for your filling operation, you get amazing extra discount that doubles your benefits and makes your service lucrative and more rewarding

When you move into the NiagarA WGP, you can supply also other manufacturers in your region, and also get better financial conditions

  1. Is it registered as "Food Supplement"?

NiagarA carries Certificate of origin and also Safety Analysis certificate from a third party, both are all what legally required for herbal extracts, if your local law requires more steps, simply apply for it and we can help you with what we have of certificates and information

For example to be entitled to "Food Supplement" registration it varies from country to another, but mostly you’ll need our certificate of the origin of the material and the analysis, we are more than happy to offer you the appropriate information

If you include samples of other products like "............. Coffee" and ".............. Stimulating Sexual Cream" including brochures and their effects will be an advantage.

Many of the mentioned products just come our NiagarA WGP as the dose extends from few mgs and up, also Add the Aphrodisiacs Honey, Halal Ginseng vials – one dose, Men Candy, Ginseng coffee, and with NiagarA WGP the sky is not even the limit, only your imagination can limit how far you can go and what other sorts and shapes of products you can offer to your customer, one of our customer offers the Niagara WGP for men Anti-ED in a very Expensive chocolate bar, just one chocolate bar per week, who can wait!

The amazing effect of the complicated NiagarA WGP not only the ease of use and the proven extended effectiveness period, but also because it addresses many of the physical and Emotional causes of Erectile Dysfunction in it’s formulation as many Wild Ginseng NiagarA Phytos deals without interaction with Diabetes, Obesity, High blood pressure, Hormonal imbalances, Pinging Prostate, and Penis Valve problems…. Also for the emotional as Stress, Infertility worries, and Depression for example Rb1, Rb2, Rb3, Rc, Rd, Re, Rf, Rg1, Rg2, Rh1, Ro and Rs1 … over all The Sexual identity problems whish is unique property on NWGP which improve the testosterone reading in men over the time, this amazing properties is what made Niagara over demanded for decades

Just inquire about the right Niagara WGP for you products to turn it into famous and distinguished Aphrodisiac new demanded wave and sensation for millions of customers around the world

Company Vademeecum

The RushStar Vademeecum  (the content and the tone) is on our website : http://rushstar.com/

 For standardized herbal remedies, the standardization should be prescribed, or non-standardized products, the company is supposed to propose a standard based on his own specification......

NiagarA is unique by over meeting the standardization as NiagarA products are over standardized not by increasing the ginsenoside ratio but by meeting the exact standards plus many added ginsenosides and vitamins already in the full ginseng extraction process which will be already mentioned in part 10, the downside of regular standardization is the manufacturer meets the required ingredient ration even by substituting it from another source, some times as artificial source, this practise is absolutely rejected by NiagarA as we extract and concentrate the whole ginseng plant the concentrate and emphasise on increasing the targeted Phytos ration in our unique NiagarA process beside maintaining the other ingredients concentrated and intact, this is what we call safe over standardized

1- I am wondering if it is okay to take "Niagara Super Slimming" while taking the "Niagara Super X" ?

 Both products are perfectly compatible  

2- Is there any kind of side effects of any of up mentioned products?

 No Side effects been reported for decades now, in contrary Niagara always receive appreciative reports about added benefits like prostate cure and better self confidence, also the formula is in continuous upgrade to give you the best with every capsule

 3- If I take "Niagara Super X" for a while and then I stop it any time , is there will be any reduce in my performance or it will be just like still taking "Niagra Super X" ?

 Because NiagarA Super X is Herbal It doesn’t turn off immediately as Viagra, NiagarA Super X takes really long time to start feel the fade, and because NiagarA Super X is from a very rare Wild Ginseng it never fade completely, after You discontinues the use, you’ll still fell the power, if you are a continuous user for long time you’ll rarely feel the difference if you stop for a week or two, simply because NiagarA Super X treats and builds, not a bandage product, as long you use NiagarA Super X as powerful you’ll get a reproductive system that will work self sufficient over the time

 4- how much is a cost for monthly course of "Niagara Super Slimming" ?

"Niagara Super Slimming" is a complete package that can be sold whole or individually, it consists of:

"Niagara Super Slimming"

Product Serial #


Promotional price per 48 capsules pack

Promotional price per 65 capsules pack (7 extra Free capsules) Total 72 super capsules

Promotional price per 108 capsules pack(12 extra Free capsules)Total 120 super capsules


1000 µL


Dr. Slim

ʘ Apatite Suppressor

ʘ Quick Stomach fullness feeling with the smallest amount of food specially if you drink water before meal


199 Euros

269 Euros

447 Euros


1000 µL


Fat Burner

ʘ Turns the slightest body move into exercise

ʘ Multiply the burned fats amount for energy

ʘ Burns fat even during sleeping

199 Euros

269 Euros

447 Euros


1000 µL



ʘ Main player in the Safe CARB diet by non-absorbing safe amount of fat and carbohydrates to stop gaining fat and weight

ʘ Provides enough amount of vitamin D and other nutrition in a non-fat form to keep your body fit

ʘ Removes colon’s waste in just few days which give quick weight loss start.

199 Euros

269 Euros

447 Euros


All you need is to mention the individual type or all the "Niagara Super Slimming" package and the pack size and you’ll be in your way to start losing weight safely and smoothly


5- As a start of taking "Niagara Super X" how many capsules do I need and how much it will cost me ?

 NiagarA Super X capsule costs only 5.95 Euro and works effectively for more than 200 hours, you’ll even wonder when the last time you took a capsule, it lasts 10 times longer than any known aphrodisiac capsule, this means it cost you only 0.59 cent only compared to any know competitor, plus it treats and builds, NiagarA Super X Saves your Health, Time, and Money

 Just 1 capsule with big glass of water after early morning 

Now NiagarA Super X got a promotion pack, when you buy 22 capsules pouch you’ll receive 2 capsules free of total 24 capsules pouch, free treatment, pleasure, and Halal fun

Thank you for making sure of that, yet for cooperation and follow up. Yes, I did receive the delivery.

I have a little question for you, as I understood that slimming system 3-1 works great without exercise , so if I do exercise like walking or light workout .. does that double the result effect toward fat burning and getting in shape. ( I usually do walking 4-5 times a week for about 30 min.)

We’re glad you’ve received your order safe and sound, hoping you’ll be satisfied with the great results,

Yes, exercise will double the outcomes and speed-up the results, every single move with the NiagarA Complete Slimming Pack 3in1 means a lot, specially when you perform the move as an exercise, please set firmly with straight back, walk with chest up, even kneel as you are in a sport.

Here are few hints:

Because of using Dr.Slim you’ll not feel any craving, but because the habitual and routine attraction between human and food specially during business and social events, be solid about your strategy and insist on salad, big glass of water, and hardly natural juice, No Sugar
If it happened and you’re forced into a meal, now it’s the NiagarA Shield & Cleanser’s turn, take 4 capsules once you get home or put your hands on the NiagarA Shield & Cleanser’s pack. NiagarA Shield & Cleanser can work effectively even if you take it 1 hour after the meal, it will motile you digestive system faster, lightening the absorption and clean the colon
The NiagarA Fat Burner is your last line of defence, and with exercising you’ll find results God-Willing by the first week

Adopting the NiagarA’s Diet of Big Salad plate without dressing; green salad, cabbage salad, 1 piece of white meat (fish or chicken) no more the 100 grams – Tuna is great, 1 big spoon of Olive Oil ( with the salad is OK), small piece of all grains or all bran bread; Dark bread no more than 30 grams, and 1 Green Apple or Grapefruit distributed through the day with big amount of water during eating will show sure Results Insha’Allah by the first week

 I would like to inquire about " knees relief " from Niagra , because my mother has pain in her knees along with hardness , cannot walk as much distance as she wants, walk hard after long sitting , she is 57 yrs old< she has extra weight , taking medicine for thyroid gland, beside knee pain medicine and calicium pills... oh yes she has also back pain cuz of some unstraight spines as doctor's report told... I guess that's for this case.


" Knees Relief " from Niagra is one of the leading products in NiagarA’s line and for sure is the right choice for your Mother’s case, in fact, many worldwide Niagara users always order the “Kness Tension Spray” from NiagarA beside the " Knees Relief " capsules from Niagara, the “Knees Tension Spray” easily can locally relief the muscle tension and lubricate the joints through the skin absorption plus directing the NiagarA Phytos from the capsules to go faster and directly to the spray location, “Knees Tension Spray”  can be sprayed on the back joints too with gentle rubbing,  it’s a new combined technology from NiagarA


" Knees Relief " capsules from Niagara can be used by itself or combined with “Knees Tension Spray” from Niagara, also it can be used beside the regular chemical drugs


Best whishes to your Mother with fast relief and Cure from Allah.

 I'd like to order " Anti-D " and " thyroid activity catalyst" along with " super slimming " (which I am using now) , Is it okay to do so ? and please give me some info about this combination .. like after I stop using this two products what will happen ?


All NiagarA Natural Treatments have NO after use Adverse Reaction, Unlike chemical drugs, NiagarA adopts the Seventh Generation Technology which based on:


Ultra concentrated Phytos and over seventy Wild Ginseng Ginsenosides inside the Whole plants super Extraction, Allah created the whole plant natural chemicals in a way to prevent both the side effects and after use adverse reaction of the same plant, This new Patent pending technology from Niagara is Called Ultra-Standardized Extracts and it is a common practice now in all NiagarA’s products.  Ultra-Standardized Extracts is unsurpassed and superior to industry common Standardization / Standardisation simply because herbal extract Standardization will lower the natural concentration to certain values which is not fair to NiagarA”s wild Ginseng and fine nutrition,  Also Standardization compensates the missing values from other inferior sources and not the same beneficial plants which against NiagarA’s Policy and principals, Niagara Ultra-Standardized Extracts is Unique and full of benefits and capabilities.


Hybridized Treatments , Islamic Pharmacopeia through over 1400 years and 6 continents been distinguished for the unique combination of it’s own invented Hybridized Treatments which multiplies the final effect and eliminates any un-wanted effects of each other, NiagarA is Specialized in Hybridized Treatments


Multiple Implementations, NiagarA fights health-complaints with every accessible treatment: capsules, spray, cream, gurgles, honey, mouthwash, ear and eye drops, and even magnets and massage rubbing, Multiple implemented treatments from NiagarA proved faster results and sure relief


NiagarA Super Slimming Pack + NiagarA " Anti-D " and NiagarA " thyroid activity catalyst" are all a good combination, in fact NiagarA " Anti-D " works with NiagarA Fat Burner which is part of the NiagarA Super Slimming Pack as a Hybridized Treatments, also NiagarA " thyroid activity catalyst works with Dr.Slim which is part of the NiagarA Super Slimming Pack as a Hybridized Treatments too, our congratulation for your wise choice

Please let me know how many pills does she need of the knee relief to get benefitted with?

" Knees Relief " from Niagara is a part of Herbal Tonic series, Monthly course of any of Herbal Tonic series of NiagarA varies depends on the severity of the complain, the monthly course extends from 120 caps to 240 caps to 360 caps, We believe 240 caps is a moderate choice ; 4 caps in the early morning and 4 caps at night with watern1 hour at least away from meal.

NiagarA " Knees Relief ", NiagarA " Anti-D ", and NiagarA " thyroid activity catalyst" are all from NiagarA’s Herbal Tonic series which is cheaper than NiagarA’s Slimming Series, NiagarA’s Herbal Tonic series is Only 2.95 Euros per capsule, any 240 caps Monthly course of the mentioned products is under NiagarA’s New promotion and charged as 216 caps + free 24 caps, price is only 637 Euros per course.

“Knees Tension Spray” from Niagara is only 59.95 Euros


I am 57 years old with heart problems, my medical history is as follows:

Bye-Pass operation
XXX stents inserted
XXXXXXX stent .
My daily medications are:
XXXXX 50mg 1 x 2
XXXXXX 500mg 1 x 2
XXXXXXXX 30mg 1 x 2
XXXXXX 5mg 1 x 1
XXXXXX 40mg 1 x 1
XXXXXXX 75mg (Generic name: XXXXXXX) 1 x 1
XXXXXXXXX 20mg 1 x1
XXXXXXXX 25mg 1 x 1
XXXXXX Zoc 200mg 1 x 1 (XXXXXXX / me )
XXXXX 75mg

I am suffering some sexual difficulties with soft erection, so I wonder if your herbal tablets are OK to me and have no side effects.

Please advise before I start purchasing on line.
Have a nice day.

As we are concerned about the wide spectrum of medicine you had to intake, we pray for Allah to grant you the cure and blessing of Healing, Amen


3 products of NiagarA should be sought for your case:


  1. Starting first with NiagarA Super X Artificial Honey, 0 Calories, It features the advantage of flexible dosage which will give you the ability to start with 1/10th of the dosage in the first day to start getting your body accepting the new therapy and also to be sure no such interaction will happen, then improve the dosage until reaching the suggested dosage of 5 grams every few days, ofcourse you can stop any time and also hang on fixed percentage of the dose like 50% of it every few days if you want

  2. NiagarA super X capsules and the NiagarA 63H capsules which is much stronger

  3. NiagarA XXX which is special for improving passion


The three mentioned products from NiagarA are Known for improving Blood Circulation and better control over Blood Glucose in Diabetics because of the Wild Ginseng Phytos in the formula, thus, you should expect higher effect from your medicine, there for we are advising you of your wide spectrum of medicine to start with the very small dose of NiagarA Super X Artificial Honey, 0 Calories, specially all the NiagarA Aphrodisiacs doses are every few days, so you’ll find the Medicine improved effect can be under control


As a role of a thumb, Wild Ginseng specially the Phytos improve the effect of many medicine which will allow you to reduce the amount of chemicals you’re consuming every days, and replace them with safe herbs, the wise procedure here is as we mentioned, to start with small doses, NiagarA Super X Artificial Honey, 0 Calories 1/10th can be effective and appreciated, the flexible dosage technology in patent pending and available only from NiagaA RushStar.

True, the only deference between Niagara Super X artificial Honey and the capsules is the Honey features flexible dosage option which will give you the ability to start with 1/10th of the dosage in the first day, which is quite suitable to your case



The Niagara Super X artificial Honey dosage is 5ml which equal small tea spoon every 3~7 days depends on your body’s response to treatment, the time rate will change upon treatment period and also the dose, please start with only 0.5 ml with food and watch your body’s response and do not repeat dose before 24 hours simply because Niagara is herbal and takes up to 24 hours to start working without nitrous shocks as other chemical products do, so be patient just in the first few days specially in your case…


After 24 hours you can increase the dos up to 5 mil and repeat it every 24 hours until you body reach the ginsenosides saturation state which is the right treatment for you, once you feel the stamina and better performance do not repeat dose until you feel that you need too. The average dose per Man of Niagara Super X Honey is 5 mil per week.


Niagara HGH for men is one of the best Niagara international inventions, it can selectively renew the Human cells and Improve the Testosterone secretion safely and effectively , it is a great twist in treating the bad effect of diabetes on men’s hormone, you can start trying it 1 month after being stable on the Niagara Super X artificial Honey, so there is no results mix-up or confusion on which did what and it will be clear how every Niagara product helped and in which direction


If you have any question or difficulties please do not hesitate to contact us


Looking forward to serve you time after time,


I am using one of your products which is NiagarA (super x Honey) for the second time and I have noticed a big difference in the efficiency of the product. In the first time the effect of the product was lasting for 4-5 days, while in the second time, its hardly continues for two days.

Any explanation for that??

Sure, in fact we know exactly what happened and it's very simple, stir the Jar.....!

NiagarA super X is the Strongest Aphrodisiac on earth, and there is no contradiction between Niagara Super X and any other food or daily medicine, Please remember, NiagarA is an unsurpassed invention stays in the body system as a hidden batch for more than 200 hours, nothing in the world's like it,

All NiagarA products been manufactured using computerized formulation, there is no way for the formula to be detorated or manipulated as long the original jar is in the original shrink wrapping protection.

As for the NiagarA (super x Honey) be sure you are getting the same dose like last time which is 5 complete mls or good full tea spoon, the 250ml jar contains 50 doses, and because NiagarA (super x Honey) been formulated for flexible dosage which allows you to change the strength of the dose by reducing and increasing the dose amount and accordingly you ca change the period of the effect without side effects, so, sticking to the right dose will give you the right period all the time

Other thing, NiagarA (super x Honey) is like every phytos formulation, dry Ginseng Phytos which get only digested by the human enzymes get settled down simply because it is more concentrated than honey and thus heavier, stirring NiagarA (super x Honey) once a month after first use or before use is a very good Idea to keep the jar content homogeneous and consistent

Being firm about the Right dose and stirring the NiagarA (super x Honey) before every use will give you the right expected period effect all times through the years, and more….

NiagarA Super X is a natural solution and got NO side effects…..


I'm having hard time treating my PME; pre-mature eja……, tried too many other products for temporary results or not at all, can you help?

I understand your frustration, trying too many medications and of course you are kind to your self and family as prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him recommended, and in the end many manufacturers are not sincere enough to live up their promises thus many products are not reaching satisfactory level or permanently solve the problem

Alright, let’s fix this problem InshaAllah, Please be patient and read carefully

PME is mainly the matter of 3 Human factors that cause PME separately or together and InshaAllah we have solution:

  1. Temper, anxiety, and unstable Husband- wife intimate relation; deep love against misunderstanding, repeated communications problems, long experience period of un-satisfied intercourse relation compared to the fantasy expectations…..etc.,

  2. Very sensitive penis specially with the other intercourse stimulations like moaning, tight vagina, and strong vacuuming vagina, so the PME starts quickly, penis sensitivity can come from inside and not outside because of internal inflammation from urine or sperms, so, the body will suffer from PME to get rid of the cause.

  3. Lack of strong erection, so, husband prefers to accelerate PME to finish intercourse before losing erection and feels incompetency , this same factor can be associated with boring and dull sex relation because the lack of desire; diabetic or other illness that causes hormonal unbalance, overweight that force certain intercourse position all times – also overweight can defect hormonal balance in both sexes, wife is not ideal in taking care of her beauty and how to be attractive to her husband, thus, husband prefers to accelerate PME to finish intercourse


As a treatment principle, you can’t treat a symptom with only a treatment to another co-symptom because simply this will help the first symptom to stand out very clear and disappoint the patients, so you can’t treat PME of the first factor with an anesthetic cream for the second factor! – beside, many anesthetic cream either contain some toxicity or may be transferred to the wife’s vagina by contact during intercourse thus reducing her pleasure!

As you see, right diagnostic is key here, and as I always said, “right diagnostic is the start of right treatment”, and for economical reasons Niagara user can pass the effect of the three factors only by using Niagara Super X NSX as many Niagara users accomplished, also can’t-wait type of Niagara users made the most of Niagara products as Niagara XXX, Herbal Testosterone, Herbal Testosterone plus, control, Herbal Anti-depression, involuntary nerve control, control penis cream….etc,.   to treat one or more of the mentioned factors and get rid of the quickly and forever


Using the Super X to get rid of the PME even with multi factors,

It is a long run solution and it is a permanent solution as we have thousands of successful cases with the blessing of Allah even many of them devolved self control and superior erection that by now not using even the Niagara Super X except for specially occasions, and of course don’t need any other anti ED or Anti PME what so ever, their cure is the ultimate pay we ever hade, congratulations

Procedure: as we all know, Niagara Super X NSX amazingly gives superior natural erection for a period passes 200 hours, also herbal testosterone, better sperms production, nerve control both voluntary and un-voluntary, and increasing penis size over the time of use naturally.  Now, the key is repeated intercourse even few times through the day, why? , well NSX gives you ability to have Natural Erection-on-demand as we call it, so, you’ll be able to repeat the intercourse in almost no time after the first one with less sperm urge thus less urge to release sperms as quick as first time plus ability to still erected if you want after the release for quite some time which is to much better for your wife as prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him recommended, plus the other mentioned benefits of NSX will help repeating intercourse with less urge every time for sure longer period time after time, simply because the intercourse for both of you will be moved form one-time-chance every while category into let’s-do-it-again category, I can assure you that time after time you’ll find your self not worry about releasing your sperms because there are more times and time by the NSX, worry and anxiety is one of the main causes of PME, the other factors can fall under the same procedure as lack of erection even, even wife’s mode will improve greatly with satisfying intercourse experience. Hints: repeat the intercourse as often with no worry about erection or PME, with NSX benefits you’ll reach gradually a very satisfying period and with changing intercourse position, taking rest between positions, and not doing all the efforts your self but allowing your wife to take lead in other positions, put in your mind that you prefer to let go only in your favorite position, after letting go never pull out but stay a bit, this still part of the intercourse specially NSX helps you much to do so.


Using other Niagara Products for PME,

Niagara XXX, improves desire for both sexes, stamina, and sex pleasure for  - Human factor # 3

Niagara Herbal Testosterone, increases male abilities specially sperms, desire, pleasure  - for Human factor # 1 , 3

Niagara Herbal Testosterone plus, very concentrated, higher effect than Herbal Testosterone multi times with slight increase in the prices- for Human factor # 1 , 3

Niagara control, better control on both voluntary and un-voluntary, improved ability to control sex release timing and control the desire peak point - for Human factor # 1 , 2

Niagara Sperms, huge ability to produce more sperms and thus longer period of release and pleasure, less sperm motility and defects, more ability to repeat course with lack or urge of semen - for Human factor # 1

Niagara Herbal Anti-depression, better mood and ability to control temper and of course better concentration during the intercourse - for Human factor # 1 , 3

Niagara involuntary nerve control, improves ability to delay the involuntary nerve instead of it controls you- for Human factor # 1 , 2

Niagara control penis cream, reduces the over sensibility of penis skin, not transferable to the vagina, ˝ an hour before intercourse – 4 hours duration- for Human factor # 2

Niagara anti inflammatory, eliminate germs and inflammation from urological system and reproductive system- for Human factor # 2



   All Niagara mentioned sex products work with multiple effect with Niagara Super X

Course size and prices, all mentioned Niagara products are mentioned in prices in Niagara Products catalog on the Niagara Website English Arabic

Simple course 120 capsules, 2 capsules twice a day in early morning and after noon with water on empty stomach

Standard course 240 capsules, 4 capsules twice a day in early morning and after noon with water on empty stomach

Extensive course 360 capsules, 6 capsules twice a day in early morning and after noon with water on empty stomach



All RushStar Products are Manufactured according to current Good Manufacturing Processes (cGMP) and maintains a Drug Master File to ensure compliance with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements.

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