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Who is the author of these courses?

Dr Rushwan with his new Protek to trigger Wild Ginseng !

Dr. Hamed A. Mohamed Rushwan, B.Sc-B.A.T.S, Ph.D. is a Published Author , Accomplished Inventor, and Corporate CEO.

more about Dr. Rushwan

Dr. Rushwan offers a 3 decades business strategies in 7 amalgamated courses through his long lasting corporation: RushStar Corporation ®

over 3 decades Dr. Rushwan accomplished many successful projects from Engine treatment to Hovercrafts and from Wild Ginseng forests to the Famous Niagara anti ED

more accomplishments:

what projects been accomplished using these 7 strategies?

RushStar Automotive ®

one of the most successful automotive treatment suppliers, in retail and in Bulk

RushStar Invented the first engine treatment in Canada and the first 2 cycle engine treatment, we are the genuine

Watch the TV Commercial

You'll learn in these self educational business courses How to start with zero budget and success,  how Dr. Rushwan invented his first engine treatment from home with no budget and got a better letter from Canadian tire and a his first $ 60.000,00 dollars first order from Wal-Mart learn the logic secret of zero budget - big sales equation that works every time

for the third decade RushStar Automotive still in business from the RushStar Technology bank, and happy to supply you with all the bulk engine treatments, fuel system treatments, Octane surge 115, Engine flush, and all bulk hi end formulas to start your own automotive business, get the amalgamated courses now


 International ®

Hovercollege was the first in the world to invent the Teflon Skirt for Hovercraft, this amazing patent invention from Dr. Rushwan made the Hovercollege a reference in the hovercraft business

looking at the needs was the key secret, how to do this is explained in the Strategies Course in detailes

Why the Teflon Skirt was the right entrance to the Hovercraft industry?, learn more


The Private Wild Ginseng Forests ®

Dr. Rushwan Succeeded in returning the Ginseng to the forest again and trigging it wild in less than 7 years


Using the ever developed Strategies courses, you can start the same project but with easier and more smoother path, learn how

How Dr. Rushwan invented the fall safe strategy in such dangerous investment and expensive start, and how he survived it with multi million dollars investment

learn how to manage a long term investment by initiating a short term annual margin, beginning from the leaves, stems, fruits, roots and even medical perfume

Niagara ®

The Private Wild Ginseng Forests ® didn't stop at just harvesting the wild ginseng components, Dr. Rushwan stated the strategies of how to multiply the margin by Extracting the wild ginseng not into third generation regular extracts but into the seventh generation Phytos

To have the forest, then the Extract, then the final capsule.  this is what we call fall safe strategies, simply you have it all, let's show you how ®

Welcome to the Nano Medicine

Dr. Rushwan Starts the first Natural Nano treatment Mechanizm in a cream and a capsule. How to do this is a part of these detailed courses, do yourself a favor and see how to start right like a 3 decades experienced professional

How to obtain a whole technology line from the internet and offer your people the best of the line for a decade to come!

R.S.Proteks Technology bank ®

The International technology bank used the same strategies to offer the best consulting for ProTeks Projects

The Business opportunities

How to offer through our strategies the proteks you obtained and applied for final products for business Opportunities privacy policy and Terms Of Service TOS






ĂÚáě ]

Essential Strategies for Technopreneurs

2nd Amalgamated online course sample


 Your Options -

Including Your corporation, Your Identity


Here are few suggested options:

Find a buyer!,.... You need to ............


To design and develop the prototype, find market points of entry for your invention, create a business structure that would foster the development of business opportunities and attract Buyer/Investor.

The Buyer prototype should be hard to imitate and covered. Never leave it in the buyer’s hand until tomorrow, unless you receive signed agreement that the Prototype analysis will meet the agreed upon performance and received a down payment of cash.

The visibility study should be ...................

The Commercial part should ...................

The contingency should ...........................

Work on the studies as a third party ..........


Department Stores

Dr. Rushwan applying his unique techniques in WalMart

Dr. Rushwan applying his unique techniques in WalMart

Asking department stores buyers for what product they are looking for, but never has been offered to them through their suppliers. It is an open opportunity for developing a new product with guaranteed buyer. I tried it, the buyer was surprised and in the end I’ve been added to their .....

Never ask the Bank for a loan or you are signing your own slavery warrant


Government Grants:

Sounds Easy and promising, but nothing is for free. There are many grants program in Canada for example, federal and local, NRC's Irap, Acoa....Etc., and here is the deal.........

If your project ......

You have to prove ........

The " Deal with the Government Golden Rule" ........


The NRC has treaties with other countries, some of them with a regime well known globally for money Laundering, white slavery, and Child Mutilation, Canadian NRC signed an agreement to trade scientific researchers with them and even more....., I'm sure many of you won’t like to be part of that.

You and your competitors........

"Never stick to other's brand" .........

Without question you have the right to add famous brands to your start up projects name; as long you use their product in your project. It will, for sure, give faster start and immediate credibility. Like the Volvo generators. They are not from Volvo, but they use Volvo engines. The Teflon Hovercraft skirts are not from DuPont but use DuPont’s Teflon. Yet they are from my..........



Your corporation, your identity

Registering your companies:

Yes, it should not be one company


My rule is...............



Choosing the company name:

You were creative in your invention, so be creative in the company name. Remember innovation is a spirit..........................


One other thing, although you can get away in NUANS report, if you are running on provincial or territorial level with a name you wanted, stick to Corporations Canada name rules explained on their website: No Insulting language, No Illusion and No Exact existing name, but look at it as a third party; imagine a kiosk in a poor neighborhood with "Valhalla industries Holding Trust Group LTD" name on it............


Also giving the impression that you’re very, very big, will deter many prospected affiliates and alliance partners away. Many businesses prefer to group with others in their size or little bigger, but not a .......

I remember my show winning Engine Flush was made through a Group Alliance with three of the smallest, but very professional business in Toronto, Scarborough and Mississauga. It contained Offset printing on hard PVC films with special formulated ink got it myself, Gold Stamping, then Embossing making the product photo 3D. You can feel the clean engines pistons on the package. It also contained offset printing with partial white of 6 colors on silver and holographic media. It contained a free Internet 1 month service voucher and free cellular phone with accessories voucher, child safety cap and anti tempering sealant/ The liquid formula was clear and comes out of the engine after 5 minutes dirty black to prove functionality. The package carried the logo of environmental Canada after permission for using recycled plastic and paper. The package carried UPC code on both the printed clear box and bottle to prevent store theft or shelf stacking malfunction. Of course our famous "Try Before you Buy" Free Fuel System Treatment Small Sample above all of this a Money back guarantee for a price which was 3/4 of the competitor price. We all made money, we offered ............


Many start-your-new-business's courses and administrators always advice to choose the business name reflects your product or service. Super fast Johnny for courier, Sky is the limit for Hi-rise contractors and maybe Titanic for Under Ocean Explorers!, well..................


Why incorporate?

Except if you’re planning to run few thousands dollars a year business in a very friendly environment without slightest probability of an accident. Or anything that may bring legal action against your Sole-proprietorship company that may trace your personal assets even ............

How and where to incorporate:

You have the option either to incorporate on Provincial/territorial level or Frederic level. In both cases you can finish the job by yourself through do-it-your self kit or ...........

The advantages of Federal Incorporation are absolute name protection Nation-wide and of course pickier NUANS search, it will allow you to work and extend anywhere nationwide. It will allow you to get .CA Internet extension/Abbreviation it means you are Canada nationwide business and of course it sends a message to the search engine telling them to give you better ranking once the key word includes Canada for example, and if you are different country the same measure applies...

NUANS search is good only for 90 days, you can do the pre-search for free on many websites over the net. The search starts from $ 20 and up to $64 for the same service from deferent NUANS agents. All are accepted by corporations Canada.

It is recommended to .........................


Use the corporate name for Brand.

With the exception of these cases:

You have enough revenue to spare for spending on Trademarks and advertising for many names to stick into your customer/client minds.

You are a Number corporation.

You are planning to ...........................

Other than that, stick your corporate name to your product. RushStar's Engine treatment, RushStar’s NiagarA, RushStar's Fuel System Treatment, when my competitors tried to imitate my invented "complete engine treatment package" after realizing that customers got smart by my awareness videos in every department store and through the TV and the Internet. Now they know that engine treatment needs flush for dirty engines and needs fuel system treatment can clean the system not the fuel, because the engine is not only the compression system, but the fuel system too/ I used to offer the whole package in reduced price, but this is was not the policy of others. They decided to cash on the idea by turning just the name of some of their cheap fuel treatments into fuel system treatment and another to fuel system cleaner. Adding the margin from the huge price difference to the advertising budget, sponsorships, and Department stores extra commission and Sales discount. Fine, but it wasn't ........


Meetings over the phone, audio/video Internet and physical meetings

First impression is essential. Start warm, but do not over do it or your counterpart will expect the same performance for the rest of the meeting. Remember your counterpart's name and repeat it, ask them for the right pronunciation if you’re not sure. It's much better than repeating the wrong pronunciation, let's say you missed the best impression for some reason. Say ..............

·         Avoid the negative ............

·         Adopt an effective ............

Speak to your counterpart in the eye and read their body language. Follow their eyes................

Here is a golden rule for all meetings..........




"Others never know what you know until you tell"

Now it's time to tell. Creating logic awareness means creating a loyal market. Always stick your Corporate name to every awareness media. This way you'll offer your customer a 24 hours, 7 days a week information center with FAQ and online support.

Tell the customer, why they should choose you.

Stick your website name or Dynamic Subdomains to every thing. Business cards, corporate letterhead, products, gifts, advertising and even your email.

Beside the classic methods for promoting a business by ........

Dr-Rushwan Lecturing about his new technology in Torornto

Dr-Rushwan Lecturing about his new technology in Toronto

Volunteer to give free lectures in colleges and schools about your hands-on field with some hints about your product,. Many will appreciate the time and the instructor will be grateful that you ..............

Contribute free articles to specialized Magazines and periodicals. After typing the report, read it again with the eye of the expected audience. Mark the points that can create misunderstanding and ........


Sponsor Pros

Providing them with what will make them in the first three, worth millions for a pro who is decisive to win

You will be a real asset for them, and they will be the same

New Customer always in your way

Be ready to meet a new customer in you way all the time, carry a brochure and samples of your new surprise innovation all the time, never get introduced by any appreciative customer to a new one while you're unguarded with your samples

Make a motto and stick to it

The Choice is Yours, RushStar or Your Shoes for the Magnetic Strap that prolongs engine life

Congratulations, You've got a relief for the Magnetic Bandage, and many other mottos is what helps your product making sense to the customer

Collect Testimonials and Recommendations

If your customer liked the invention, asked them if they would like to share there opinion with other

You and Your Printing House.

Only use the printing house to print what you can't design/print on your jet/laser/thermos printer/label maker. Look at the empty space on the big design and fill them as long it will not interfere with their cutting/shearing plan. Sometimes the wasted space in films, printing plates or even on the whole printing sheets if they us direct print out from the computer software to the machine, Usually it's more than ......................

Another hint: if the printing job is huge for a huge order and you are on budget for the moment and find some reluctance from the printer-shop manager to go on the 30 days credit, show him .........


This way you'll have better control on the quality and will not suffer from that greedy person who compromised your job for his margin. Also a few smaller accounts are much better than one huge credit account that makes the printer-shop owner awake all night!


Closing a Deal and Completing a Sale

Give enough reasons for your customers to buy. Seize every opportunity to make it easy for them to order: 800 numbers for orders and put it on every communication means including pamphlets, letterheads and even business cards. Also make ...........

On your quotation always promise your customer a great business experience to come with a..............

On the Internet place a direct Order Link right on the front page besides the testimonials and the privacy statement links. Or put them all under the customer service drop menu, install a ...........


Buying customers would like to see these in your products and services:


·         Money Worthy; Competitive price for it's actual size/weight,

·         Free bonus,

·         Added .........................



  •  Use all your senses specially the sixth one looking for Buying Signs and questions:

How long will it take for delivery?

Is the ..................................

Make one of your products line a deal, sell it on your break-even line. Do not make money but make customers.

Selling on Credit!.....

Export Insurance and customer credit agency Scam.

Do NOT use them

Make weekly/monthly plan and keep analysis

Always adopt the morrow that you'll be big some day. But do not behave like one, this has many advantages of self confidence, not getting swallowed by small problems and temporary troubles, yet getting unlimited support for your unlimited optimism.


Your Laboratory

Have you ever seen a horseman without a horse? The same is true for the Innovator. The laboratory for the innovator is like a horse for the horseman, you'll need the laboratory for the following:

·         Your research and development

·         Your Production Quality control to prove that your mass production meets your invention's promised superiority and also surpasses any other regular standards.

·         Marketing presentations

Part of the machines you use in your R&D and your QC will be needed to show the customers ...........

How to use measuring units in your catalog?

Although the Gas Boat outboard troller motor is measured by the horsepower as unit of work and they are around from 1~5 hp,  the Manufacturers of the Boat electric troller motors chose to measure the product that does the same job, but just powered by battery instead of gas they chose the lb for thrust unit instead of Horsepower. Why?

It is very easy to determine the Horsepower of any electric motor just by multiplying the consumed current in amperes times the applied potential voltage. That will give, directly, the power in watts and because 1 horsepower equals 0.7455 KW, you can get the Electric troller hp in a snap. However when you find out that this will equal less than 1 hp as we hp= 550 ft-lb/sec, this will unfairly show the new product as a dull, especially the propeller pitch is designed for low speed high acceleration. As the final speed is a factor in pitch and motor rpm, thus the smart choice was to use related measuring unit that will escape the comparison with gas motors and introduce the Electric boat troller as its own Apple. Read it again.

Still in measurement units, you agreed to explain the power of your product in a simple measurement unit, but that measurement unit still un-measurable to your customers. They do not use more often, and some never used it in their own entire life. Another example is Gauss for magnetic therapy pads. Solution; .....................

Independent Laboratories:

You can use them at any time when the test machines are very expensive to buy or rent and if you are not sure yet which instrument is the best for your application

Also they are .........

Another ..........using the Golden-seal as a natural preservative for Ginseng extracts was just the logical choice. Golden seal preserves the life ginseng from early season infection before in gets up, before it and it is natural anti biotic as a food supplement. Getting the independent laboratory bacteria analysis was the just the proof for this natural choice.

It is smart to find the closest standard ...

Ingredients and Sole Proprietary Information

Because the consumer has the right to know what they are consuming internally and externally for many reasons including religious, discipline and allergy, you are required by law to print the ingredients if your product will be consumed. It Is for both the consumer and the manufacturers’ protection, simply because the lowest amount of backfire from the side effects of your product is what make your product popular and brings a standard to the field.

Now, here is the question: How can you protect your Precious hard working R&D formula from being stolen though listing it on your label? Well, ...........

You know it is not a big deal for the big fish to get the point and modify a better patent than you with a different approach than your patent will not object theirs and they will pay the additional fees to get their patent faster than yours. No problem if you got fuzzy to keep you busy in court for a while until they enjoy the market a little. Then do not expect yourself in a group saying it was my idea and nobody's laughing!, Enough of that! Here is your list.............................

Department Stores, Again!

Beside all the fuss of how the department stores decide carrying a certain brand here is their secret formula:


The department store commodity is the shelf space, advertising, rent, overhead, every thing will be calculated of how much space they offer. Every space has a different value exactly like real-estate. Offering the space is their job, accelerating the selling intervals is your job. Working together will make the final cost less, and as long it is respectfully lower than the margin they get from your product based on your agreement, they will decide ................

Missing the deadline.........

One of the best strategies is to make the department stores your outlets. .......

Sponsorship is always a publicity tool, be sure it is some how related to your field. My condition for every team I sponsored is to Use My Invention in their machines. If you will Advertise it out, this will live with you as a recommendation not as an event happened 5 years ago, will be funny to over milk it even if it did not pay back your investment on the long run. This is why many teams are selling because the lake of sponsors, simply because sponsors invest in publicity that may not pay back on the long run. Sponsor in related field that can use your invention.

When pressure came on the Canadian Wal-Mart to sell Canadian Products and not to be just an outlet for US products in Canada, I was happy they opened the door to my whole products line not only the 2Cycle Engine Treatment that they never had a supplier to it at that time "simply it was quick invention of mine at that time" So I shipped as much as I can buy running the whole group alliance day and night to meet the deadline covering all their 165 stores nationwide, the strategy of group alliance succeeded as many times before. We all made money but here are few lessons:

When you are talking about your superior product, you are selling it in a discount store...........................

Supply the Government

Normal people make their purchase based on justified needs. Not governments. At least the Non general public based Nominated Governments, call them democratic, communist, dictatorships... whatever, when you elect them you are trapped, you got no choice but to vote for pre-filtrated candidates who served under-ground societies for years and years.

Bottom line, the government always takes spending decisions based on Direct threat for their next election, not justified needs. That's why government will council, house and protect young offender but not an autistic child. A simply young offender poses more threat than Autistic child even if the autistic child deserves better care. Also that's why governments spends billions against so called terrorism, but not even a fraction to prevent violence and rape in home, streets, or even jails despite the fact that prisons contain more violators than so called terrorists, Can you believe a Canadian Man got jailed for video taping the CN tower for his children?

Government works on direct threat to their next election, before communicating with a certain government agency, access their website and check what drives them


University Scholarship

Another viable route to improve your search is a Scholarship. Where the university will solicit the finances on your behalf and offer you .........


"Never take it personal"

Always take the feed back positively, use praising feedback for testimonials and challenging feedback as improvement/development points. Acme feedback would not represent the real value of your invention. Instead it rather represents the client's way of understanding you or using your invention, so never take it personal.


Patents, industrial designs, software, printed circuits, intellectual and legal rights

According to Geneva convention, you are protected from anyone to see the details of your invention until you are patented. Then you are a free plate, also you are backed only for the first year from any one around the world to claim your claim. Well besides the convention is very old, the whole process is not fair. I saw elder inventors spent their whole fortune patenting their inventions than the invention became obsolete. Others are the victim of patent ....................


The whole system will be discussed in details in my next book “Cashing on Technology”, what I really need to do here is how to get you to use the system and not let the system use you.


Applying for a patent is a good reputation as a patent pending holder. Never put vital information in your patent application that can be used for copying...........

Pursuing the patent is a strategic decision...........

For professional investors, they know very well that patent system is for the genuinely of the idea and mostly in a small part of a product of a field. Definitely not used for industrial validation or any guarantee that it’s going to work. So it won’t prove any viability than you are an urged owner of the idea but if it works or not, will it sell, commercial visibility…None.  So it is your best choice to take advantage.......






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