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Who is the author of these courses?

Dr Rushwan with his new Protek to trigger Wild Ginseng !

Dr. Hamed A. Mohamed Rushwan, B.Sc-B.A.T.S, Ph.D. is a Published Author , Accomplished Inventor, and Corporate CEO.

more about Dr. Rushwan

Dr. Rushwan offers a 3 decades business strategies in 7 amalgamated courses through his long lasting corporation: RushStar Corporation ®

over 3 decades Dr. Rushwan accomplished many successful projects from Engine treatment to Hovercrafts and from Wild Ginseng forests to the Famous Niagara anti ED

more accomplishments:

what projects been accomplished using these 7 strategies?

RushStar Automotive ®

one of the most successful automotive treatment suppliers, in retail and in Bulk

RushStar Invented the first engine treatment in Canada and the first 2 cycle engine treatment, we are the genuine

Watch the TV Commercial

You'll learn in these self educational business courses How to start with zero budget and success,  how Dr. Rushwan invented his first engine treatment from home with no budget and got a better letter from Canadian tire and a his first $ 60.000,00 dollars first order from Wal-Mart learn the logic secret of zero budget - big sales equation that works every time

for the third decade RushStar Automotive still in business from the RushStar Technology bank, and happy to supply you with all the bulk engine treatments, fuel system treatments, Octane surge 115, Engine flush, and all bulk hi end formulas to start your own automotive business, get the amalgamated courses now


 International ®

Hovercollege was the first in the world to invent the Teflon Skirt for Hovercraft, this amazing patent invention from Dr. Rushwan made the Hovercollege a reference in the hovercraft business

looking at the needs was the key secret, how to do this is explained in the Strategies Course in detailes

Why the Teflon Skirt was the right entrance to the Hovercraft industry?, learn more


The Private Wild Ginseng Forests ®

Dr. Rushwan Succeeded in returning the Ginseng to the forest again and trigging it wild in less than 7 years


Using the ever developed Strategies courses, you can start the same project but with easier and more smoother path, learn how

How Dr. Rushwan invented the fall safe strategy in such dangerous investment and expensive start, and how he survived it with multi million dollars investment

learn how to manage a long term investment by initiating a short term annual margin, beginning from the leaves, stems, fruits, roots and even medical perfume

Niagara ®

The Private Wild Ginseng Forests ® didn't stop at just harvesting the wild ginseng components, Dr. Rushwan stated the strategies of how to multiply the margin by Extracting the wild ginseng not into third generation regular extracts but into the seventh generation Phytos

To have the forest, then the Extract, then the final capsule.  this is what we call fall safe strategies, simply you have it all, let's show you how ®

Welcome to the Nano Medicine

Dr. Rushwan Starts the first Natural Nano treatment Mechanizm in a cream and a capsule. How to do this is a part of these detailed courses, do yourself a favor and see how to start right like a 3 decades experienced professional

How to obtain a whole technology line from the internet and offer your people the best of the line for a decade to come!

R.S.Proteks Technology bank ®

The International technology bank used the same strategies to offer the best consulting for ProTeks Projects

The Business opportunities

How to offer through our strategies the proteks you obtained and applied for final products for business Opportunities privacy policy and Terms Of Service TOS






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Essential Strategies for Technopreneurs

1st Amalgamated online course sample

Are you a Technopreneur?

What is the deference between Technopreneurs and Entrepreneurs?

Well if we go with dictionary definition:

Entrepreneur (ahn-truh-pruh-nur, ahn-truh-pruh-noor)

"One who starts a business or other venture that promises economic gain, but that also entails risks."

For the word “Technopreneurs” there is no definition in any dictionary yet, including the Merriam-Webster or  Encyclopædia Britannica. Probably because it's a new word.

Here is how I see it: Entrepreneur is the person who associates both resources and markets to start a new business. For example a Pizza Business in, both, the right environment and timing entail risks as part of any business. Technopreneurs is one who can do the same, but by introducing a low carb or Gluten & Casein free Pizza recipe or a re-heat it in your car package. Technopreneur is an Entrepreneur with a technology edge!


Research & Development and Innovation


Research and development is a profession, but most of the time. barely part of a profession, Innovation is a spirit, you can't help it

Innovation becomes part of your life at work, at home and even in your driving style. Innovation is a way of life, it is an answer to every challenge and hope in every situation.

GOD gave you the gift of innovation to fill the epidemic gap between the Academic institutes in their ivory tower and the greasy industry under knees the machines. I saw only few who really can do this and deal with both mentalities!

How does it start?


Finding a solution/idea:

Role of thumb: See what others did first or are even planning to do. Thus you'll be almost sure when you finish your R&D and spent time/money somebody else isn't already on the TV selling it. This scenario happened with my Anti-smell Garbage spray


"Search every field for a solution."

I prefer the use of categories instead of brands because brands are ever changing and also service type instead of Internet links for the same reason, and I'm sure the reader is able to get results using Internet search engines.

I found a hint for my automotive internal engine treatment in an anti-roach paint. The other hint from a pizza ......

Draw/design and look at it from different views

Associate drawing with your thinking, Hang a picture of your designed prospective product in the front of your in your favorite place. You’ll be surprised when you come at it from different angle, .....


"Start again with the needs"

The Edge between hot selling items and slow selling items, is people's needs, not only new inventions like laptops and Internet phones are hot items. Seasonal products become hot items before every season. Also plywood before hurricanes and even flags before festivals, I can go on for ever......




When I shared the previous idea of utilizing humble used machines for regular products to produce hot innovative items in response to public needs on my consulting site, many Technopreneurs responded well:


·         A lollipop using Garcinia cambogia extract for appetite suppressant and a diet using the same strategy for Ginseng, Blackseed and HGH "Human Growth Hormone" Candy/gum and even capsules.  changed the clay and the kiln setting. So now it produces piezoelectric Ceramic for outdoor lighters.

·         A knitting machine from an Auction with weaving option and handmade foam casting box met the standards in manufacturing ......


Human propelled floatation rescue devises anti-shark long lasting attachments and other powerful than acetic acid and copper sulfates.



When you develop a product, turn it back to the basics, especially the basic needs. When people look for a measuring tape, they do not look for the tape itself, they look for a distance to measure. So instead ........


"Watch for trends"

Only a few people enjoy quietly watching noisy, loud party. These are gifted people.  They watch trends of others, and they enjoy this hobby. Multi billion dollars projects been launched to cash on spreading growing trends........


I remember when we received immediate orders for my invented 2Cycle Engine treatment that I offered Wal-Mart to cover a market trend. It was surprising to everyone, even a supplier asked, are you people buying the products back from the stores to build new orders? It wasn't like that at all.....



"Use Key words"

Key words will always ring a bell for a related solution even from different field. Barter was the answer of key word for no cash and a track was the solution for...



"Use formulas and equations"

Sometimes the solution is in the variables and factors. Formula will give clear views on who is the main player and who is the spoiler also you will get better decision on what to sacrifice. In my Automotive Oil Filter Magnet which is part of the case studies, it wasn't putting a magnet on a filter, anyone can do this with a broken speaker magnet with 5 cents Nylon tie. But in automotive you get problem with magnetic strength loss due to ......


"Never Tell"

Unless your intention is to give your idea directly to the public domain for charity, never tell the Idea to any one before deciding what to do, I did this mistake after receiving a recognition letter from Canadian Tire, one of many automotive chains in Canada. As a Dime of appreciation I told them about my next invention, the Engine flush. I explained how I discovered the key of .....



Naming the invention:

 Even when it comes to naming the invention, be sure you'll name it after the R&D. Just give a clone name until you finish. Or you will be giving the name of a wish and not a product. Hovercraft, for example, which was part of my theses got the name of a wish not the real function of the product. The machine doesn’t really hover. It suspends a few inches or feet above the surface supported by a compressed body of air. It never ........


Give the invention a clone name or a highly theoretical sincere definition. Access patent offices from Canada to Europe over the net and you will find many sincere examples.

Give your invention the final name as one of the final steps just not now. This will give you the following advantages.......


Do a prototype and visibility

"You'll never know until you try"

The most important thing after getting the idea is to try it. Do a prototype by using common materials. Do not try to make a new modified mold for every part so the customer should order the part from you and can not substitute it from regular market. You are inventor; GOD gave you the Idea to make peoples lives easier. Do not trap them as you are not a bank who needs to take advantage on people's need or insurance who take advantage on people’s fears or Media who takes advantage of ignorance. You are an Inventor! An angel of mercy! Use generic parts and if you want to make it hard on your competitors to imitate you then modify mold only a part or two that the customers will never need to order regularly and GOD bless you.

Never make a complete solution innovative large product for a huge price, even ........


A Zero Budget Prototype

I always get puzzled when I meet inventor telling me that he got a great idea, but for years had been looking for financing to produce a prototype.

Well, if we'll be looking for financing to produce a prototype we should need the country's revenue to start the company.

In most cases you really don't, as long as you are looking to produce ONE prototype.

Most .....


I've got DuPont representative for more than one hour on the phone pushing me to know how I amalgamated their Teflon into the Hovercraft air-cushion skirt.

   “Before sending you our newest sample I have to know how are you going to apply them, so I can decide if it's the right material for you..”

   “It is kind of complicated,” I answered. “Just send me the MSDS and the Spec sheet and I'll let you know if it will fit our criteria.”

   “Is there any other materials that could be incompatible should we be aware of?” asks the DuPont’s Representative.

   “Do not worry,” I respond, “I use software to verify my work, but if you know of any incompatible materials please send me a list, I'll really appreciate that. “

   “Are you sure you are using the ......




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