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Ceramic R.S.Proteks

Ceramic R.S.Proteks


Ceramic R.S.Proteks



RushStar R.S.Proteks
The Hardest part of Starting a new Business is now the Easiest!


Product & service quality plus innovation are the integrity and dignity of every business, if not, youll spend the rest of your life say "it could be better!", well, R.S.Proteks is what Better.....

All the formulas of very known engine oil including our RushStar State-of-the art All-Natural Engine Oil!, please access our Automotive section.

All R.S.Proteks for All automotive chemicals, fluids and treatments, including WD40 Type Spray with superior lubrication performance.

Engine Oil, Petroleum/Synthetic
Engine Treatment
Fuel System Treatment
Engine Flush
Engine Coolant
Engine Antifreeze
Windshield Washers
Car Wash Chemicals
Battery Rejunivators
Battery Storing
Dry Batteries Technology
Magnetic Oil Filters Ceramic Mufflers
Abrasive Hand Cleaner
Anti Puncher Tire linear
Radiator cleaners
Fuel Octane Converters
Anti Smoke Additives
Compression Treatment
Superior Lubricants
Waste Oil Heaters



Please access our Automotive Section for more information and to order your Samples.

Amazing R.S.Proteks of returning the Ginseng to the Wild and originating a Wild Ginseng Forests in your private garden and forests, RushStar was the first to prove that both called White and Red Ginseng are the same plant and natural chemicals, the deferent is in the preparations not the origin, learn more by accessing our Healthcare section

Many R.S.Proteks of Herbal Extracting and formulations for both cold and hot environments and climates, Diet, HGH, Natural Nerve..... just inquire...


Have you heard about RushStar R.S.Proteks Diet Cheese
Have you heard about Diet Cheese?!
RushStars Diet Cheese R.S.Proteks is not just a cheese from fat free source or process, but it also only 1 once cheeses that contain that the natural herbs to provide the vitamins and nutrition needed in a meal and also herbal Appetite suppressants with great taste.

RushStar R.S.Proteks contain a never ending lists of international market tested products with superior innovation edge and free royalties, all you need to do is to but the R.S.Protek and start you business now, for example:

Life Vests
Security Vests
Non Flammable Fabrics
Tefal/Teflon Cook sheets
Waterproof fabrics
50*c flexible fabric
Anti Chemical Fabrics
Floating Fabrics
Sun Exposure proof
Inflatable Boats Fabrics
Ginseng Extracts
Wild Ginseng Farming
Wild Ginseng Tea and candy
Herbal Extracting
HGH Natural Formulas
Diet Cheese
Herbal NiagarA
Antibiotic Silver Water
Magnetic therapy Products
Magnetic Water Filters
Aroma therapy generators
Ultraviolet Water Purifiers



fluorescent electronic ballast

Drives Burned Tubes!

12V, 24V, 110V, 220 V, 360V, 480~600V

Hair restorers and stimulators
Hair suppressants
Perfume extracting and fixing
Anti dandruff Shampoo
Anti headache Shampoo
therapeutic rub composition
Hand Cleaners and Anti-grease
Household detergents
Anti roaches Paints
Anti roaches chalk
Anti mice bait
Ants Destroyer Bait
Mosquito destroyers
Outdoor inverters
Wind Power Harvesters
Deep Cycle Batteries
Solar Power to Ac Systems
Inflatable shelter
Bartering System Modules

Personal Protection
And much more....


Plus full capabilities to custom an R.S.Proteks just for you.
Try before you buy
And much more....

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